Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Holy Moly!

     So remember how I said that I like to test early...well, I tested this morning and voila, IT'S POSITIVE!  At the moment I just can't believe it.  I am also terrified.  After three miscarriages you wouldn't think that I'd still get excited, but I do. Really excited, like eyes-brimming-with-tears, doing-a-happy-dance, squealing excited.
     Now I want to tell our very closest friends and family (and of course the internet), but my wonderful husband wants to wait until we do the blood test.  I understand his concerns and I know that waiting until we know our actual hCG number would be best.  However, I think our parents and closest friends always feel a little left out when they don't know right away.  Also, I have really appreciated their support through each of the miscarriages, and I think it is easier when they know as soon as we know.  Does anyone have thoughts on this issue?  Who do you tell, if anyone, and when?
     Here's the picture of my urine-soaked HPT for your viewing enjoyment . . .
I made it artsy, just for fun.

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